Brake Testers: Which Option Is Superior?

Brake testers add incredible value to any workshop environment and allow you to perform an additional service for your customers, saving them both time and money.

But with so many types of brake testers to choose from, how do you know which option is superior? In this article, we’ll have a look at three of the most popular types of brake testers so that you can determine which option may suit your workshop the best.

Roller Brake Tester

The roller brake tester is definitely one of the most popular options when it comes to brake testers. This tester makes use of floor-mounted rollers that are coated with a plastic superior friction when the tire is wet or dirty. The car is driven onto the rollers, and the wheels are turned at a constant speed for accuracy to also detect any wheel drag. One of the reasons why this option is so popular is that an operator needn’t control the vehicle speed, and everything can be done stationary. Another great advantage is that each wheel can be tested individually.


A decelerometer is a device that actually gets strapped into the passenger side of the vehicle that is having its brakes tested. This piece of equipment measures inertia as the vehicle decelerates. Speeds need to be very accurate for this test to work. The major drawcard for this type of equipment is that it is affordable and accessible. The downside is that you do not know the effectiveness of each individual wheel as you would in a roller brake tester.

Plate Tester

In many ways, the plate tester is a very basic diagnostic option. Two plates are stationed on top of the ground and the car is driven over them at a certain speed and the brakes are applied. These plates measure pressure, weight, and force, which tell us a lot about the efficiency of the brakes. For this test to be accurate, extremely precise conditions are required.

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