Brake Testers: Understanding The Mechanics

Have you ever wondered how brake testers, used to test vehicle brakes, actually work? The way in which workshop equipment is made and the science behind these innovations is absolutely fascinating…well to some people at least.

As the largest supplier of premium workshop equipment in Australia, MAHA AU sheds some light on how brake testers work.

Roller Brake Tester Components

Most roller brake testers consist of driving rollers, which are two separate pairs of rollers that move the vehicle’s wheels on the axle. At the time of testing, the wheel should be driven at a very specific speed to eliminate variance. Each of these roller testers has a weighing cells.

Between the two main rollers is a third roller that detects a vehicle’s presence during a test. Its other role is to detect if the rollers are rolling correctly. Any slippage in the tyres is also detected.

An interesting feature that not many people know about is that the surface of the roller brake testers is very gritty. In fact, it is very similar to the typical surface of your average road. This protects your tires. Many modern systems also offer integrated weighing systems. With these modern systems, any inefficiencies are calculated immediately.

What Other Types Of Braking Systems Are There?

Roller brake testers are the most popular kind, but two other brake testers ‒ plate brake testers and decelerometers ‒ are still being used in workshops. Decelorometers work by measuring the force that vehicle exerts as it is decelerating and coming to a stop. It may take a few tries to get an accurate result.

Plate brake testers consist of two stationary plates onto which a vehicle is driven. The brakes are applied while the vehicle, which must be moving for this equipment to be effective, drives onto them allowing for variance of readings especially if the tire is wet or dirty.

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