Accommodating Trucks in Your Workshop

By offering repair and maintenance services for trucks in addition to cars, your workshop gains an entirely new target market to tap into and provides you with the opportunity to turnover higher profits. Because trucks are usually working vehicles, they typically cover more kilometres and therefore require more regular services.

As a supplier of premium workshop equipment like truck roller brake testers in Australia, MAHA will provide advice and tips for accommodating trucks in your workshop.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

Trucks are significantly larger than most cars, so you want to ensure that your workshop can actually handle the space required by trucks for maintenance and repair work. If not, you have to look into extending your current premises or getting a new one. Also, think about the types of trucks you want to offer services to and their general sizes.

Don’t Forget About Height Clearance

Remember that trucks are also a lot taller than your usual vehicle. Are your ceilings and garage doors high enough so that trucks can clear them safely? If not, you may have to invest in some renovation work.

Invest in the Right Equipment

The equipment that you currently have in your workshop may not have the capacity to handle the weight of trucks. Look at the maximum weights of all your equipment. You may want to consider purchasing truck roller brake testers and truck lifts, among other workshop equipment that is suitable for heavy loads.

Bring a Truck Specialist Onto Your Team

While trucks are very similar to normal vehicles, you may want to bring someone onto your team that has some experience behind them when it comes to working on trucks.. This person may already have a client base too, which will be very helpful.

Start Advertising to Truck Owners

Now that your workshop is able to offer maintenance and repair services for trucks, it is time to market these services to truck owners. No one is going to know about your new offerings if you don’t advertise them effectively. So get the word out there and start making a return on your investments.

Are you looking to fit your workshop top-quality truck roller brake tester in Australia? Here at MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment, we have all the workshop equipment you need for your workshop to accommodate trucks of all sizes. If you’d like any advice, please feel free to get in touch with our expert team.