How To Choose Between A Two And Four Post Lift

When you need to lift a car, truck or any large piece of equipment above ground level so that you can access its underside, you need a post lift. This machine will let you get close to the undercarriage of whatever is been lifted so that you can carry outrepairs, inspections or maintenance work safely and comfortably. It also gives your superior visibility for what you’re working on. If you’d like to invest in a post lift, you’ll know that its most commonly offered in two and four post lift varieties. Here’s how to decide which one would best meet the needs of your business.

Two Post Lifts

If you’re dealing with a limited space in your working environment, then a two-post lift is a greatinvestment. It’s a popular choice that’s just as stable as a lift with more posts, thanks to the addition of a stabilizing support. You can get either a symmetrical or asymmetrical post lift. With the latter, the posts face each other, with each support arm holding half of the weight of what’s being carried. This means that the load is equal across all points, making it useful for larger vehicles. On the other hand, an asymmetrical post lifts’arms are of different lengths so that the interior of the vehicle and its doors can be fully opened and accessed. This makes it a better option for smaller vehicles and it’s also more cost effective.

Four Post Lifts

Heavier items can be lifted by four posts lifts as they have double the support columnsand can rise higher than two post ones. It also has more variety when it comes to installing accessories. Unlike a two-post lift, it doesn’t require a floor anchor, but it could require a sliding bridge jack for additional lifting. The front and back of this lift can be left open or provided with a barrier depending on the access required.This lift can cost more and take up more space, depending on its capability and capacity, but a major bonus is that it’s the perfect machine for rotary alignment and wheel alignment services and can easily integrate the appropriate systems and instruments to make this possible.

Whether you need to maintain a fleet of vehicles or farm equipment, there’s a post lift to meet your needs. Contact MAHA Australia for advice.

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