What You Need To Know Before Investing In Your First Truck Hoist

A truck hoist is a fantastic investment for your garage. It may allow you to offer services that you weren’t able to before, as well as put you a step ahead of your competition. That being said, truck hoists are a costly investment, and there is no use spending your savings on a truck hoist that is not quite right for you. 

Before purchasing your first (or second…or third) truck hoist, there are a few things that you should do.

Check Your Options

Just like when you are purchasing any other big-ticket item, you must check what truck hoist options are available in your area (as paying for postage/transportation for a truck hoist could be quite an expense). Write all these options and their details down to have them in front of you when making your final decision.

Research Manufacturers

Take the time to research the manufacturers of all the truck hoist options that you wrote down. Look into company history as well as customer reviews to get an all-round view.

Measure Your Garage

Keep in mind that truck hoists are rather large, and you don’t want to purchase one that won’t fit in your garage, so ensure that you measure the space you have available to you before making a brash decision.

Company Reputation

Do you know anything about the company that you plan to purchase the truck hoist from? To avoid missing out on support & after sales service, it’s best you spend some time researching them as well.

The Features You Need

Different truck hoists have different features, which allow you to access different parts of the vehicle. Ensure the truck hoist you purchase allows you to do the maintenance and repairs you plan to do in your workshop.

The Right Price

Is the price right? When compared to similar options, does the price seem about right? While you don’t want to overpay, a price that seems too cheap could also be a red flag. Stick to your budget and research financing options if you can’t pay it all upfront.

Ready to buy your very first truck hoist? Speak to the workshop equipment experts at MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment today, and we’ll help you find the very best truck hoist for your needs.

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