The Different Types of Column Lifts

Column lifts are a must-have piece of equipment in any garage or workshop as they offer maneuverability and flexibility. On top of that, they are usually a very affordable option that does not take up much space. A lift of sorts is necessary for when work needs to be done on the undercarriage or wheels of a vehicle.

In this article, we’ll have a look at the different types of column lifts out there so that you can gain a greater understanding of the topic. Keep in mind that a 2 post column lift can also be mobile, and a 4 post column lift could also be wireless.

2 Post Column Lifts

2 post column lifts are probably the most popular type of lift currently available. This is because these lifts offer an affordable, space-saving solution for lifting a wide variety of vehicles. They are mostly used for working on the brakes and wheels and other service and repair work. That being said, 2 post column lifts cannot lift all vehicles. And larger vehicles may require a larger setup.

4 Post Column Lifts

4 post column lifts are the big brothers of 2 post column lifts. They consist of 4 sturdy columns. While they may take up significantly more space than 2 post column lifts, they can handle larger vehicles and get them higher off the ground so that the undercarriage can be worked on with greater ease.

Heavy Duty Column Lifts

If you plan to work on heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks and lorries, ensure that you invest in heavy-duty column lifts that can handle their weight. Heavy-duty column lifts usually consist of 6 to 8 columns so that the length and weight of heavy-duty vehicles can be catered for.

Mobile Column Lifts

Mobile column lifts (as their name alludes to) offer mobility. They come in various sizes and types and do not need to remain in one fixed position on the workshop floor but can be moved around and stored away if need be.

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