The Benefits of MAHA’s Extreme Heavy Duty Column Lifts

If your workshop caters toward large, heavy vehicles, such as buses and trucks, one of the most important pieces of workshop equipment that you can invest in is undoubtedly heavy duty column lifts. While you have a wide variety of models and brands to choose from, in this article we will list some of the many benefits and top features offered by MAHA’s extreme heavy duty column lifts.

Smooth Running

Enjoy a smooth running experience thanks to the modern electro-mechanical drive system and the low-maintenance ball screw. Smooth running also results in high efficiency.

5-Year Warranty on Lifting Mechanism

When you purchase one of these extreme heavy duty column lifts, you’ll receive a 5-year warranty for the entire spindle drive. This gives you peace of mind should anything go wrong that is not your fault.


Lifting columns can be moved around easily should you need to reconfigure your workshop. This is all thanks to the easy-to-use hydraulic dolly at each column.

Space Saving

When it comes to both vertical and horizontal space in your workshop, every square metre is very important. You’ll be happy to note that these lifts offer the space saving feature of an overhead drive unit.

Durable Control Unit

The control unit will stand the test of time since it is splash proof as well as very durable and robust. This makes it ideal for the sometimes adverse workshop conditions. The keypad is also covered by a durable keypad.

Operating Modes

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience offered by the various operator modes. There is something to suit your service operations.

Safety Features

As a workshop owner, safety should always be your priority. These solemn lifts offer unparalleled safety features as they come with a mechanically independent locking device as well as a simple emergency power failure feature.

Easily Expandable

As your needs increase, you can easily add to your system and expand it to include as many as eight columns. Adding columns is easy and convenient, making it the ideal solution for a growing business.

Are you ready to invest in heavy-duty column lifts? Here at MAHA AU, we have a wide selection of top-quality scissor lifts for you to choose from. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you have any questions about our products.


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