How Does a Truck Roller Brake Tester Work?

Brakes on trucks need to be tested more regularly than the brakes on usual vehicles. This is because the weight of trucks puts additional pressure on the brakes, and a flaw in the brakes could have deadly consequences for the truck driver and others on the road. It is safe to say that truck brake testing systems are essential to have and keep maintained in workshops that deal with any type of heavy-duty vehicles.

In this article, we will look at how truck roller brake testers work, their benefits, and what sets them apart from usual roller brake testers.

How Does A Truck Roller Brake Tester Work?

Truck roller brake testers work by having a truck drive onto a set of ceramic coated rollers, which produce friction. These are linked up to the testing system, and the brakes can be tested by keeping the vehicle static while turning the wheels at a consistent speed. The tests measure the deceleration of the wheels on the rollers and the weight of the truck during that test.

The Advantages OF A Truck Roller Brake Tester?

  • The digitised system allows you to view all results on a screen
  • Accurate testing with consistent results
  • Ability to test each wheel individually
  • Allows for weight balancing of the vehicle for additional safety
  • An affordable system that is safe and easy to use

What Makes A Truck Roller Brake Tester Different?

There are many different types of roller brake testers, but if you are looking to purchase one in order to test the brakes of trucks, you need to ensure that the maximum weight capacity covers the average weights of the rucks you work on. Not sticking to these capacities may result in damage to the equipment or the vehicle.

Features To Look Out For In Truck Roller Brake Testers

  • Durable Roller Surface
  • Lockable main switch
  • Weight Cells for Static and Dynamic brake measurement
  • Described as ‘heavy-duty’ with local support
  • Weighted rollers
  • Weather proof rollers
  • Meeting all local regulations and standards

Looking to purchase a truck roller brake tester so that you can effectively and efficiently test truck brakes in your workshop? Get in touch with the professionals at MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment in NZ today for information on our quality workshop equipment!