MAHA shows off install at South West Roadworthy Warrnambool

MAHA shows off install at South West Roadworthy Warrnambool

MAHA Australia has shown off its new install at the new vehicle inspection station at South West Roadworthy Warrnambool, which opened on May 2019.

This new site is home to vehicle inspections for both heavy and light registered on-road transport. The testing process is above and beyond the mandatory annual requirement for all heavy and light registered on-road transport in Victoria. The tests cover general vehicle-safety checks and a MAHA roller brake tester will measure very accurate Dynamic brake force while providing fast and safe load simulation, wheel drag, imbalance, gross weight and then suspension tests are conducted on the axle play detector while retaining all records to ensure a complete audit trail.

MAHA equipment is used in testing facilities all around Australia with newer sites enjoying the speed and safety of our rising bed load simulation.

MAHA says its strong relationship with its both Inspection-based and private customers are due to the unique fact it is a brake and suspension testing-equipment supplier that can manufacture, supply, install, repair and calibrate its equipment was a good reason for the SWR to give it fair consideration for this project.

The types of equipment installed into the SWR facility:

  • Brake, weight and suspension testing equipment –
  • MAHA 20T Roller Brake Tester for Dynamic brake testing and gross weight.
  • MAHA Rising Bed option for Dynamic Load simulation
  • MAHA 20T Axle Play detector.

MAHA’s installation was completed with the full cooperation of the SWR and completed within a week by MAHA factory trained technicians, who were able to streamline and coordinate the process for a time-efficient outcome.

The new testing facility is a drive-on/drive-off with iPad operation for the inspector. Wheels are rolled at 3km/h while the drag, brake force, load simulation, imbalance and gross weight are all checked in the same quick process. The vehicle is then parked with the axle on the suspension tester while the inspector views for defects underneath. MAHA says the benefits of this testing process include:

  • Time efficiency, offering easy access to a mandatory testing system.
  • Speed & Safety during load simulation
  • Accuracy.
  • Repeatability
  • Dependability
  • Minimal staffing requirement for hassle-free operation.

MAHA says that SWR is a satisfied customer that has experienced no faults, maximum reliability and consistency of readings, and these unfailing results have kept operations running smoothly, avoided downtime and generated optimum performance for the testing facility.

The SWR testing facility is one of the finest installations by MAHA. Because of the attention to detail shown in this new facility and the streamlined and coordinated fit-out conducted by John, John says he is happy for potential customers to visit and check out the high standard facility which reflects the MAHA brand.

“We are particularly proud to show new customers this fit-out because it showcases the standard and quality of the German engineering behind the MAHA brand,” says MAHA Australia Managing Director Michael Lauster.

MAHA says potential customers can be confident the company will support them throughout the whole process, from planning the workshop layout and conducting the civil works, including concrete cut plus pour, to installation, training and on-going support from an extended sales and support process.

MAHA Premium Workshop Equipment AU specialises in providing the equipment needed to run a heavy vehicle workshop. Feel free to browse our online shop or get in touch with us should you have any questions about our products.

For more information contact Maha or call 1800 577 442

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