Comparing Different Types Of Brake Testing Equipment

Investing in brake testers is always a good idea. It is an easy and practical service that you can offer your customers, and we all know how important regular brake testing is. When looking at car and truck brake testing equipment, there is a wide range of options to choose from, and it is not always easy to know which option is the best fit for you, your budget, your team, your clients, and your workshop.

In this article, we’ll look at and compare various types of brake testing equipment in an effort to help you, as a workshop owner, make the best choice.


Decelerometers are known to be effective forms of brake testing equipment, and for that reason they are highly popularised. They are definitely a common sight in any professional workshop.

Decelerometers are used to measure and record inertial force as deceleration takes place. There is a wide range of decelerometers available, but all of them work off this same common principle.

Some of this equipment’s biggest advantages are that they are small, compact and affordable. On top of being effective, of course.

Plate Testing

Plate testing is another quite common form of car and truck brake testing equipment in NZ. It also measures the inertial deceleration, just like decelerometers, but it does so by use of plates on the ground. The vehicle is driven onto the plates at a predetermined speed and then the brakes are applied. The wheels can also be tested by using plate testing.

This is a popular choice thanks to its minimal moving parts, low exposure to voltage, and the provision of a somewhat better and an indication of brake test.

Roller Brake Test Machine

Roller brakes testers are the last and most accurate mode of brake testing equipment up for discussion. This equipment includes a set of rollers, upon which the vehicle is driven onto and the brakes are applied. The rollers are turned at a constant speed in order to keep the vehicle still and steady to remove any variables for inaccuracy. The principle in this test is torque and not inertia like the other two methods.

Roller breakers give you a truly trustworthy and accurate, repeatable result that allows you to test various aspects of the brakes and wheels.

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