2wd Dyno vs Awd Dyno Machines

Are you a workshop owner looking to invest in a dyno tuning machine so that you can offer dyno tuning to your customers? A dyno machine is a fantastic investment that provides many benefits for your business. But there are quite a few types of dyno machines out there, and one of the most important decisions that you’ll make is whether you’ll purchase a 2wd drive or awd drive dyno. As dyno experts in Australia, here are a few things to consider when making this decision.

What Type of Cars Do Your Clients Drive?

While some 2wd dynos can be used on certain awd vehicles, this is not recommended. However, awd dynos can be used on practically any vehicle. So what do your clients drive? If the majority of your clients drive 2wd vehicles, you can probably get away with purchasing a 2wd dyno. But if a good percentage of your clients drive all-wheel drives and are interested in dyno tuning, you may have to bite the bullet and invest in an awd dyno?


If awd dynos are able to perform dyno tunes on any vehicle, why doesn’t just everyone buy them? This comes down to a matter of price. Awd dynos cost as much as double the amount that 2wd dynos do, and this can put a lot of people off. But the fact that you wouldn’t have to turn away any vehicle owners wanting a dyno tuning session.

Linked Rollers/ Hubs

AWD dynos are either linked or unlinked. Linked dynos mean that the hubs or rollers used to measure speeds of tyres etc are linked to ensure that tyres run at the same speed. Linked dynos prevent any issues from occurring with certain vehicles, and if you are purchasing an awd dyno, you should make sure that it is linked.

Other Considerations

Other things that you may want to consider when buying a dyno machine include the space it will take up on your workshop floor, the other capabilities that it offers, warranty, delivery, installation and all the finer details which will determine if this is the machine for you!

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