3 Things to Check Before Using Your Scissor Car Lift

A scissor car lift hoist is a must-have for any workshop, as it provides quick and easy access with ease.

While these lifts are extremely safe, with numerous fail-safes and redundancies built in, we thought we’d share some safe operation bits of advice to ensure that absolutely nothing ever goes wrong.

It never hurts to be extra sure.

Pre-Operational Checks

Before use, carry out a quick but thorough inspection of the system just to make sure there aren’t any visible issues, such as damages or leaks in the hydraulic system, that could indicate a potential hazard.

Many think that hydraulic failure is the biggest risk with scissor lifts. But with many redundancies to support it, this is the least likely thing to go wrong. The biggest potential safety hazard actually comes in the form of vehicle slippage.

To prevent this, make sure that the support plates and pull-outs are properly coated with non-slip granules before use.

Valve and Safety Lock Checks

Hydraulic systems typically involve checking the valves that prevent fluid from flowing backwards. This simple but highly effective system effectively locks the lift in position, even if hydraulic pressure is lost.

In addition to these, valves and safety mechanical locks are installed and are set to engage when the scissor lift reaches a certain height. This additional redundancy ensures that the lift won’t drop even if there is a hydraulic failure.

Always check that these valves and locks are intact and in good working order before using the scissor lift. If you notice any damage to these components, repair them before use.

Pressure Relief Valves Checks

Make sure to also check the pressure relief valves before using the lift. These valves are incorporated to regulate the pressure inside the hydraulic system and prevent it from exceeding safe levels. If pressure is too extreme, it could potentially cause hydraulic failure.

Maintaining optimal pressure levels in the hydraulic system is crucial for preventing sudden pressure drops that could lead to unintended lowering. This is always best avoided, even if there are redundancies in place.

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